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Чемпионат Америки 2016 года, Информация по Чемпионату Америки 2016 года
Announcing the Sixteenth USA National ARDF Championships
Killeen, Texas, April 6 - 10, 2016
USA's national championships of Amateur Radio Direction Finding will return to the Lone Star state in 2016.  The Sixteenth USA ARDF Championships take place in early April, sponsored by the Texas ARDF group and the Austin Orienteering Club (AOC).
Primary site of the competitions will be the Parrie Haynes C5 Youth Ranch and Equestrian Center, about ten miles southwest of Killeen, Texas.  The fun gets under way on Wednesday, April 6 with optional practice courses.  Thursday will be devoted to foxoring, a sport that combines RDF and classic orienteering.  The sprint event takes place on Friday, followed by a catered lunch and informational meeting.
Saturday is the day of the classic two-meter ARDF competition with a catered lunch to follow and an awards banquet at the Parrie Haynes clubhouse in the evening.  Then the classic 80-meter ARDF competition gets off to an early start on Sunday morning, followed by another lunch and awards ceremony, concluding in time for those who must catch evening flights home.
Organizing Co-Chairs for the 2016 USA Championships are Jennifer and Kenneth Harker, W5JEN and WM5R.  They have competed at the USA Championships almost every year since 2003 and have won numerous medals.  They represented USA at the ARDF World Championships in 2008, 2010 and 2014.  Jen and Ken were organizers of the first Texas ARDF Championships in October 2005 and the USA ARDF Championships in 2008.
National ARDF Championships are for individuals only. No teaming or assistance on the course is permitted. Participants are divided into six age categories for males and five age categories for females in accordance with standard IARU rules. Medals for first, second and third places will be awarded in each category for each competitive event.
Mark your calendar now and plan to attend.  Don't worry if you are inexperienced at radio-orienteering, as this is a chance to learn from experts.  An Amateur Radio license is not a requirement.  Category winners of these championships will be under consideration for membership in ARDF Team USA 2016, which will travel to Albena, Bulgaria for the 18th ARDF World Championships in September 2016.  A maximum of three competitors in each age/gender category may be on a nation's team.

Чемпионат Америки 2016 года будет проводиться 6-10 Апреля 2016 года в Киллин, штат Техас.

Приглашаем всех желающих принять участие. По вопросам виз обращайтесь в личку.

Вадим Афонькин
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